Winter days

The last weeks winter is frequently showing its beauty.

Frost on the branches of the trees and on the grass and frozen ponds. And when the sun is shining for a (short) moment nature looks like a fairy tale.
The days and nights are cold and we even had some snow last week.

This is my contribution to the B&W Projekt 2017

I converted this image above from a coloured version.
This is the original coloured photo.


Winter with frost

2 thoughts on “Winter days

  1. Hello Els
    In your First Contribution to Black & White Show beautiful winter photo. And although in color looks really dreamlike … in BW, the delicate colors look really exciting
    I hope it is understandable (I can not speak English and the guys who always help me out are still in school) Googel can also English 🙂

I really appreciate your comment. You can also write in German or Dutch :-)

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